Super Size Squid

Chef Philman George Ideas & Inspiration

High Liner is proud to announce that we have ramped up our squid category! We now carry Loligo squid.  Loligo is a species of squid that is highly sought after, due to its tenderness, and its delicate mild flavour.  That’s me posing beside our larger than life squid photo.  I’m 6”1, and I look rather tiny standing next to this.

Variety, quality & value are the some of the things that I immediately noticed when working with this product for the first time.  We offer a 5-8inch and a 3-5inch tube and tentacle.   Both are fully cleaned ready to use, simply thaw and cook.    Love the packaging as well! I can’t stand it when calamari tubes come in a solid 10lb block.  Our squid is conveniently portioned in 2.5lb packs.  For even more variety we offer our Loligo squid in a 9oz pouch that has been pre sliced into rings with fully cleaned and trimmed tentacles.  Simply pull what you need when you need it.   Our entire line of Loligo squid comes in at an extremely reasonable price point, giving the operator a high quality product for a fair price.

The quality of our Loligo squid is best demonstrated through grilling.  The above picture is Spicy Orange Grilled Calamari.  It features our  5-8inch Loligo squid that was sliced almost all the way through.  Slicing it this way will help it to curl when it hits the grill, making for a stunning plate presentation.  It was marinated with a bit of chili olive oil, herbs and orange zest.  It sits on a bed of sliced blood oranges and is surrounded with balsamic glaze.  Simple, effective, flavourful, and the key here is not over cooking the squid.  Next week I’ll be posting the exact recipe to this picture, as well as a few others.  I’ll also be sharing helpful preparation tips.