Harissa-Crusted Haddock with Turmeric-Fried Cauliflower and Caprese Salad

Chef Philman George Ideas & Inspiration

This dish is a perfect example of the evolution of Mediterranean cuisine. The Mediterranean region has seen a spike in migrants from the Middle East, which has sparked an explosion of new flavours. Classic Mediterranean dishes are being transformed by the use of bold Middle Eastern spices.

Harissa is used all over North African and Middle Eastern countries. And it’s typically made as a paste consisting of red chili, cumin, caraway and coriander (but every region and family has their own recipe). This time around, I used a pre-made Harissa spice rub from one of our spice partners, but now I’m inspired to take it to the next level and make my own. I’ll share it with you when I do!

Getting back to the dish, simply dip the presentation side of your 4 oz. haddock loin in the Harissa rub and sear it lightly in a cast iron pan. Transfer it to a sheet pan and finish in the oven. 

Turmeric is also a spice that is growing in popularity due to its many health benefits. In this recipe, I used it to season the bread crumbs for the cauliflower. The cauliflower was so delicious that I had to make two separate batches— one for photography and another to devour! 

When it comes to breading the cauliflower, you can do it prior to service or à la minute. Whatever suits your kitchen.


To cook, simply drop the breaded cauliflower in the deep fryer for a few minutes until the coating turns golden. 


To finish, I used a vibrant and fresh Caprese salad. It’s a simple and refreshing way to tie the plate together and add colour and texture.


Stay Hungry My Friends!