Asian Glazed Salmon on Roasted Bok Choy with Edamame Crush

Chef Marsha Ditri Ideas & Inspiration

salmon on roasted bok choy

For an innovative and healthy menu solution, dress up flavourful Sea CuisineÔ Asian Glazed Wild Pacific Salmon Portions with roasted bok choy, and a creamy edamame crush that takes just minutes! Nutritious edamame beans pump up the protein and fibre and jazz up the colour of this dish.

Chef Hack: Baking the Asian glazed salmon on top of the bok choy, lets the flavours of the glaze blend into the vegetables as they cook. 

Foodservice Tip: For a premium offering, top the salmon with a crispy crust of fried panko and sesame seeds prior to baking. Or dress it up with a colourful julienne of water chestnuts, snow peas and carrots.


24 x 3 ½ oz

Frozen Sea CuisineTM Asian Glazed Wild Pacific Salmon Portions (Product Code 8974)

24 x 100 g

6 lbs

Bok Choy

2.75 Kg

2/3 cup

Asian salad dressing

175 ml

4 cups

Edamame beans, steamed

1 litre ?

2/3 cup

Vegetable oil

175 ml

4  cloves

Garlic, minced

4 cloves

12 cups

Rice, cooked

3 litres


  1. Bake frozen Sea CuisineTM Asian Glazed Wild Pacific Salmon Portions in a preheated oven, according to package instructions.
  2. Spread bok choy on large baking tray. Drizzle with Asian salad dressing. Bake alongside the salmon.
  3. To make the edamame crush, place edamame, vegetable oil and garlic in a food processor. Blend until smooth.
  4. Plate a layer of edamame crush and bok choy. Top with baked salmon and serve with rice.

Serves 24.