Big Bob’s® Haddock Surf Board

Big Bob’s® Haddock Surf Board

Everywhere I dine these days I see Charcuterie Surf Board boards popping up on menus, especially at Gastro Pubs that brew their own ale. These boards normally offer a selection of cured meats and cheese but tend to be lacking in seafood options. I got to thinking - in order to add seafood and simplify this concept I have deconstructed a traditional Fish & Chips into a Big, Bold & Fun sharable board that we at High Liner like to call a ‘Surf Board’. Think of it as sharable Fish & Chips. To be able to get the size and scope that I desired for this board I decided to use our 8.5 oz Big Bob’s® Beer Battered Haddock. That’s over a half pound of fish! Using this item also saves the back of the house time from having to dip their own fish in a wet batter. Frozen to plate in under 10 minutes with zero waste!

  • Serves:
  • Meal type: Appetizers
  • Species: Haddock


  • 1 pc Big Bob’s® Beer Battered Natural Cut Haddock, #10025643
  • 4 oz cactus cut potato wedges
  • 4 oz sweet potato fries
  • 4 oz prepared coleslaw
  • 2 oz tartar sauce
  • 2 oz curry mayo
  • 2 oz ancho sour cream
  • 1 lemon halved and grilled for garnish


  1. Assemble the dipping sauces in small ramekins and pre-grill the lemon garnish.
  2. Add the coleslaw to a small dish.
  3. Deep fry the Big Bob’s® Haddock for approximately 6 mins then slice it into 8 or 9 strips across the width of the fillet.
  4. Deep fry the 2 varieties of potatoes.
  5. For assembly, be creative and look to gain height where possible and also think about balancing the colours.

Chef Hack | Slice Big Bob’s® Haddock into strips and serve as a sharable surf board.


Approximate food cost is around $4.25 for the entire surf board. Position this in the appetizer/ sharing section of your menu at $15 to keep your food cost under 30%. Enjoy the profit, customer satisfaction and the ease of execution.